Quality and comfort
Quality and comfort
Quality and comfort
Quality and comfort


С Since 2013 our Company has made its dynamic development path from an idea and customized single piece production to the fully functional production line. We have a lot of to be proud of.

Product range

Our product family provides a wide choice to furnish offices, including home-based offices, and classrooms.[/orielicon]


We welcome new Partners and we are thankful to our actual Partners. For our part, we aim for representing the best Partners on the Standard of Service market.



RICHMAN furniture factory is constantly working on enhancing cooperation with actual Partners, as well as on search of new Partners committed to long-term partnership with reliable suppliers. For our part, we are happy to offer some of the best products range and prices on the Standard of Service market.

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Assortment of the Richman factory is composed of  sofas and chairs for cafes, bars and restaurants, office sofas, executive office armchairs, beds. Moreover, more than 70% of the product line is our in-house novel developments that have no complete equals on the Ukrainian market.

Our ELAST original innovative technology being embodied since March, 2015 is especially valuable by our Partners. Thanks to this technology our chairs have become by times more comfortable, plushier and cosier than available equals of the other manufacturers.

We are constantly working  on our product-line expansion.

The RICHMAN factory definitely provides its Partners with the best price terms. It allows to build up long lasting mutually beneficial relationship with furniture distributors of different level and focus on the basis of true Partnership.

Our prices are of special interest when paired with high production quality and short production-and-delivery time of your orders.

We provide special terms for showcases of our products. Besides, working with our company you have access to easy and clear discount system that provides our Partners with additional profit opportunities.

We are happy to inform you that we have succeeded in reducing quality notes to the level of less than 1% of volume of production by virtue of constant focusing on quality throughout all phases of production process.

All products of the RICHMAN factory are furnished with factory warranty not less than 12 months from the date of sale.

In case of damage complaints we first and foremost deal with reclamation request through substitution of the constituent parts by means of expedited courier service. Only after fulfillment of such substitution we analyze causes of reclamation occurrence and develop mitigation measures to prevent such problems at any time thereafter.

We are aiming at preparing custom offers as to the start of our Partnership for each Partner. Such offer includes special prices and payment terms, assignment of the account manager, personnel training, constant control of each order completion, quick response to arising issues and participation in problem solving.

All of this makes it possible to get big trade turnover as early as you start working with us and elaborating long-range plans for further partnership.

We place special emphasize on understanding of intricacies of handling with different sales channels. You will love working with us: it is profitable and convenient! Join us!

We are sure that partnership without mutual support is ineffective and unprofitable. Therefore, for our part we are ready to display maximal flexibility discussing all issues regarding our mutual work.

This includes all financial, technical, accounting, logistical, advisory, informative, and marketing issues that may arise.

We can not only sell on behalf of you, but all other problems and issues are just technical details to be discussed and jointly agreed!