The most common PRIUS chair has for keeps gained top-seller status long time ago. Cosy, soft and at the same time secure chair is aimed at wide range of customers. The chair is manufactured using ELAST technology.

The PRIUS chair is manufactured in one of the most popular modifications: plastic. For upholstery material we offer: Titan/Madras, Fly/Naples, Skaden series of leather substitutes. According to the sales results the most efficient is Skaden series. In the given chair Piastra or M1 (tilt, i.e. could be fixed only in upper position) mechanisms can be used.

  • Plastic modification
  • Order and shipment

Plastic modification is the most money-saving and at the same time the most in-demand modification. Utility armrests and central cross do not belittle a comfort level when using such a chair.

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PRIUS chair is mostly ordered with matrix upholstery that we always have in stock:

Skaden leather substitute series: black, brown (mottled) and beige

Fly/Naples series: black, beige

Titan/Madras series: black, snuff-coloured, DK brown, tawny, chestnut

Term of production and delivery for a chair with matrix upholstery starts from 3 business days. Term of production and delivery for a chair with non-matrix upholstery starts from 7 business days. Delivery is done by means of point to point lift or by courier service.