About us


The RICHMAN factory was founded by professional team with huge experience in furniture industry in 2013. Since that time we have been constantly working on our product-line extension as well as on improvement of service standards for our Partners. You will love working with us: it is easy and convenient! We are proud of it and invite you to run joint business.


We put our heart into our products. We are constantly working on our quality control management and upgrade of our products. Our products, which is unparalleled at the Ukrainian market, is produced with unique ELAST technology making our chairs really soft and cosy. That is why our chairs are sold better than other look-like models of the other manufacturers.


We offer best terms at our market. We are ready to produce your order within 4-14 business days due to existing stock balance of raw materials and semimanufactured products.  Delivery is possible on any conditions you need according to the INCOTERMS 2010.


Starting conclusion of our partnership agreement our cooperation only begins. We know what and how we should do in order we  and you only increase our products turns, our furniture is sold, and clients are happy with our service. There is nothing complicated in it. But this simplicity equals to constant mutual hard work. We invite you to be our partner!



Price list of the Richman furniture factory more than 25 models of chairs, as well as bar stools, chairs with rollers and for clients, office sofas. Term of delivery of clients orders is 2-4 business days. The ELAST technology, that is innovative for Ukrainian market, is implemented. Besides, new line of chairs with Swarowski bedazzlers was started.


12 models of chairs are in our range of products. Including chairs with genuine embroidery. List of long-term partners has been built up. Term of delivery of orders is 7-9 business days.


Year of foundation of the company. Great desire to work and a bundle of ideas that will be brought to life. Only three models of chairs and two lines of office sofas are in the production range. We pay a lot of attention to the quality of our products and terms of orders delivery.